Young People Stories and Quotes


You see me – not my problems


You accept who I am


You want to be around me


You are like my family


You want the best for me


What outcomes do young people want?

I want others to be proud of me


I want to be proud of what I achieve


I want to be more confident


I want a safe space


I want to achieve a goal – my goal


I want to change my bad habits


I want to give back


I don’t want to be isolated


I want to have dreams


I want to learn new skills


I want to be a good parent


Values important to us

We are not judged


We all consider each other


We accept each other for what we are


We can be ourselves


How should a service be delivered?



Flexibility to meet individual needs because we are all different


We want to be able to help each other


We want to be involved in developing the project


We want to be involved in running the project


We want choices


We want to try new things


We want it to be a ‘pick and mix’ approach


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